Leadership & Team Building

Five people are adrift in the Pacific. Two survive and three die…why? What did the two survivors have that those that perished did not? Some businesses succeed and grow in this uncertain economy while others fail…do you have the same “will to survive and thrive” in any economic situation? The instructors at Mountain Shepherd have discovered that the two, wilderness and business survival, are more similar than they ever believed possible AND that teaching them in tandem creates a brilliant learning atmosphere which exponentially increase ones knowledge and ingrains that knowledge indelibly in both arenas.

You can LEARN these business and wilderness survival skills to insure your company and team come out on the winning side of the equation:

  • In a high-pressure, high-stress situation, will you succeed or stumble?
  • The world is changing today more rapidly than ever. Will you sink or swim?
  • Today’s economic challenges are overwhelming. Your team is counting on your leadership. Can they?
  • Businesses are failing at an alarming rate. Do you have what it takes to ensure yours thrives?

Let Mountain Shepherd’s world-class instructors take you on a safari through wilderness & business survival. Whether you’re in a company, a school or even just a group of friends, you will learn the skills to handle the curves life & business throw at you. The 100 acre private reserve in Catawba, Virginia, offers the perfect environment for team-building exercises & improving leadership skills.

What else should I know?

Do I get to eat bugs? Meals are catered and served in the Pitchwood Pub. Based on your budget, meals can range from budget burgers and dogs to gourmet.  We can accommodate all dietary restrictions.  Of course, if you like, we’ll show which bugs to eat!

How long are the courses? We work with you to determine the course length that suits your objects and budget.  You can combine a course with your corporate meetings, have a fun team building experience or we can facilitate a program that incorporates your should term/long term strategic objectives through parallels from wilderness survival to business survival.

Do I sleep under the stars? This is your adventure!  The course is designed for options. You can sleep in the comfy lodge beds or outside.  The choice is yours.

What should I bring? Weather appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes.  We’ll take care of the rest.

Is the course taught outside? The training camps are setup outside held under parachute canopies. The Virginia location courses are held on Mountain Shepherd’s gorgeous 100 acre property bordering the Jefferson National Forest.  The multi-purpose training room is available should weather necessitate or if your organization would like to conduct other business.

How many employees should/can I bring?  We can work with small teams or large organizations.  Tell us what your goals are and we’ll help design a training program to meet your needs. No group is too small or too large.

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