Urban Pursuit

Urban Pursuit
2018 Courses

  • January 12-14
  • July 27-29


If the nightly news is any indication, an individual is justified to be slightly anxious when traveling to cities within and without the United States borders.  A simple wrong turn can place you in an environment that could prove dangerous.  With a global economy strengthening, more and more individuals are finding themselves required to travel.  This course will help you relieve your anxieties and help insure that your chances of finding a successful and rewarding travel experience increase dramatically.  Learn to avoiding dangerous situations. Identify signs indicating danger may be close. Learn to escape to a safe harbor. Learn how to assist in your rescue should you find yourself in a hostage situation. This course will better prepare you as you enter a foreign wilderness defined by concrete and steel.  Get started on your way to becoming a savvy traveler – enroll today!

Cost: $695

What else should I know?

What outdoor experience do I need to attend this course? No prior training required. Everyone learns valuable information in this course. You will leave well prepared to prevail in a in the event of a natural disaster or civil unrest while traveling locally or abroad.

Do I scavenge for food? You will learn to procure food in an urban environment.  However, meals are provided in this course!  Please inform the Mountain Shepherd staff of any special food needs.

What time does the course start and end? Arrival time is by 9:30 on the first day of training.  The course concludes by 1:00 on the final day. If you prefer to travel on the day before the course starts, $50 includes a bunk and breakfast. $25 for each additional person in your group.  Group, semi-private and private rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.

Do I sleep under the stars? This is your adventure!  The course is designed for you to sleep in the lodge.  However, you can sleep outside in a tent or hammock if you wish.  We have all the gear to arrange any sleeping arrangement you chose.

Do I need to buy a lot of gear? The only required items are weather appropriate clothing comfortable tennis/walking/hiking shoes or boots.  You don’t need to buy a thing. Part of the training includes gear recommendations for your personal travel survival kit.

What should I leave at home? Hatchets, machetes, firearms, drugs and alcohol.

Is the course taught outside? Much of the training is held at the Mountain Shepherd lodge.  Exercises are taught in downtown Roanoke.

Do I need to bring a friend? If you come alone, you are guaranteed to leave with new friends! Of course, your friends are always welcome – sign them up too!

What is the age requirement of this course? This is a course for adults. 18 year olds may come alone. 16 & 17 year olds may come with a responsible partner over the age of 18.