Women In Nature Exploring

Adventuress, n.: A woman who seeks outdoor excitement, fantastic friendships, and an empowering set of new skills.

Are you ready to let out your inner Adventuress? Come to Camp Adventuress at Mountain Shepherd for all of the above and more! After 5 full days in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with fellow Adventuresses, you will head home feeling empowered, excited, and eager for more outdoor adventures.

Camp Adventuress is a grown-up summer camp session for adult women of all ages. Activities and excursions include wilderness survival instruction, hiking and backpacking, camping, stand-up paddleboarding, mountain biking, caving, and outdoor rock-climbing. Camp Adventuress is the perfect place to discover or renew your love for outdoor recreation, and is always a women-only, no-judgement zone. Try something new and don’t be afraid to try again with supportive staff and fellow Adventuresses cheering you on! After everyday of adventure comes another girls’ night with your new camp friends – chat over dinner, share stories around a campfire, relax with a yoga session, or embark on a stargazing night hike. We’ll chees to all women in nature exploring as Camp Adventuress is an extraordinary, exciting getaway that will boost your confidence in the outdoors and introduce you to new activities and unique women.

Every adventure is suitable for beginners – we’ll show you the ropes – and still exciting for avid Adventuresses! We recommend that you come to Camp feeling relatively fit and ready for day-after-day of outdoor activity. Have no fear, we’ve got all the gear! Mountain Shepherd and our partners are fully stocked with women’s-specific outdoor gear for all of our adventures. You only need to bring clothing, footwear, and other necessary personal items (as suggested on our Camp Adventuress packing list), plus an open mind and your sense of adventure.

Be adventurous at Camp Adventuress!

August 17-21, 2020

Course Price: $995

What else should I know?

How long is a Camp session? How will we travel to excursions?
Every session is five days long, Monday through Friday, with optional Sunday evening arrival. Transportation will be provided to off-property adventures, and personal vehicles will stay safely parked at Mountain Shepherd Adventure School.

Will Adventuresses be outdoors everyday?
Yes! Camp is all about spending time outside, both during our active adventures and during our down time. Expect to spend the majority of your time at Camp in the great outdoors even if it’s hot or a little rainy. While at Mountain Shepherd, there are indoor spaces available when inclement weather creates safety concerns.

What if I have little to no outdoor recreation experience?
Our fantastic instructors will show you the ropes, and your fellow Adventuresses will always be supportive! We do recommend that you be accustomed to exercising and you should be comfortable in outdoor climate conditions, but if all of our adventure activities are new to you, then you’ll be the ultimate Adventuress!

Will I get to sleep under the stars at Camp Adventuress?
Yes! We camp during backpacking excursions, and while at Mountain Shepherd, there is always the option to sleep in a tent or hammock near the lodge instead of in one of our cozy bunkrooms. Choose your own adventure!

Do I need to bring my own meals or snacks? What if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?
When you register for Camp, you’ll be asked to indicate any allergies and dietary needs on your forms. We are able to accommodate for allergies, vegetarian diets, and gluten-free restrictions. We offer a variety at every meal at the lodge, and we plan for the group while on excursions. If you are interested in bringing a few of your own non-perishable snacks for comfort, you may, but we do not have storage space for personal refrigerated items.

I’m an avid Adventuress who already has a collection of outdoor gear. Can I bring my own gear to Camp?
Gear is one of the barriers that often prevents folks from venturing into outdoor recreation. We provide all the necessary gear for Camp to encourage Adventuresses to get out there! That being said, if you already own and are familiar with using the following gear, you are welcome to bring your own: daypack, 55-70L backpack, hiking poles, headlamp, hydration bladder or 32 oz. water bottles, sleeping bag and/or sleeping pad. We do not recommend you purchase and/or bring brand new gear for this experience, as we have plenty available that our staff is familiar with!

How do I know if I have the right clothing and footwear for Camp Adventuress? Do I have to go shopping to be prepared?
If you’re already into hiking, running, or camping, you probably have the right stuff! We recommend comfortable clothing made with quick-drying synthetic or Merino wool materials (not 100% cotton). If you need a few extra items or some old things to get dirty in, we recommend thrift shopping! Shoes should be athletic/hiking/trail shoes or boots that are broken in before being worn at Camp.

Can I bring my high-quality DSLR camera to capture my Camp Adventuress experience?
While we do love when Adventuresses share their photos with us, we do not recommend bringing your best, most expensive camera to Camp! Use your cell phone in a protective case or go old school and pick up a few disposable cameras on your way to Camp.

Should I bring a friend with me to Camp?
You’re certain to leave Camp with many new Adventuress friends! Maybe you’ll even adventure together in the future. Of course, you’re welcome to bring a friend, too. Share some information with the women in your circle!