Survival Essentials – Women

Here’s a paradox: popular culture portrays women as weak and vulnerable, and yet they often fare better than men in survival scenarios. Learning critical skills to survive in the wilderness can unlock a new level of confidence in your abilities, and prepare you to defy society’s expectations anywhere – from remote backcountry travel to your workplace and relationships. This version of Survival Essentials is geared toward women and offers a unique opportunity to discover the potential for success that is already inside you, while learning practical survival skills. Through immersion in a realistic survival scenario, you’ll explore the seven priorities of survival – the seven key elements to making it out alive.

Over the course of just two days and one night, you’ll learn the essentials of positive mental attitude, wilderness first aid, shelter, fire craft, signaling, water, and food. In the end, after “rescue,” you will have a solid foundation of wilderness survival skills and knowledge. Through hands-on experience, you’ll be ready to start and maintain a knee-high fire in the pouring rain or improvise an effective shelter using the most appropriate knots and lashings.

This course is a “modern” survival course.  We encourage proper equipment, preparedness, and practice so you always prevail should your adventure take an unexpected turn into a survival situation.

Camp Adventuress: Women In Nature Exploring

Adventuress, n.: A woman who seeks outdoor excitement, fantastic friendships, and an empowering set of new skills.

Are you ready to let out your inner Adventuress? Come to Camp Adventuress at Mountain Shepherd for all of the above and more! After 5 full days in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with fellow Adventuresses, you will head home feeling empowered, excited, and eager for more outdoor adventures.

Camp Adventuress is a grown-up summer camp session for adult women of all ages. Activities and excursions include wilderness survival instruction, hiking and backpacking, camping, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, mountain biking, yoga, caving, and outdoor rock-climbing. Camp Adventuress is the perfect place to discover or renew your love for outdoor recreation, and is always a women-only, no-judgement zone. Try something new and don’t be afraid to try again with supportive staff and fellow Adventuresses cheering you on! After everyday of adventure comes another girls’ night with your new camp friends – chat over dinner, share stories around a campfire, relax with a yoga session, or embark on a stargazing night hike. We’ll chees to all women in nature exploring as Camp Adventuress is an extraordinary, exciting getaway that will boost your confidence in the outdoors and introduce you to new activities and unique women.

Trail Mix – Women Adventure

Here’s a little taste of everything you need to hit the trails with confidence! This energizing course is your chance to push yourself on challenging day hikes with big rewards, while learning key outdoor skills in a supportive environment. Create your own custom blend of experiences: try out hammock, tarp or tent camping; or enjoy the comfort of our lodge at the end of the day. Let the breathtaking views and campfire camaraderie fuel your hunger for adventure!

Peak Performance – Women Adventure

Take your backcountry skills to new heights as you summit three of the most popular peaks on the Appalachian Trail – McAfee Knob, Dragons Tooth, and Tinker Cliffs. This 3-day, 2-night adventure traverses the famous Virginia Triple Crown, a 30-mile section of the A.T that is packed with scenic beauty and opportunities to develop your backpacking skills. Our skilled instructors will help you embrace the challenge and reach your personal peak performance!

Peak Performance for Women: This empowering experience is designed for and facilitated by only women, which creates a confidence-boosting no-judgment zone where women can be themselves. Peak Performance for Women is a perfect opportunity to make new friends or to bring a friend or family member along for some adventurous bonding.

Craft-Your-Own Women’s Adventure

Are you tired of the same old “girl’s night out”? Do you want to find a truly rewarding experience with women seeking to advance in their professional and personal lives? This experience is a customizable weekend adventure for friends. Women register together for and then identify the group’s needs. We achieve the chosen level of rugged experience during our activities and lessons. Women choose their sleeping arrangements from a variety of options: the Lodge, the Cabin, personal tents, or improvised shelters.