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Modern Day Survival School For Modern-Day People.

Mountain Shepherd Survival School teaches you real life-saving skills should your adventure turn into a survival situation.

Wilderness Survival

Be prepared, be positive. Outdoor survival training will give you the confidence to succeed in any aspect of life.

Urban Survival

Any vacation can quickly turn into a survival situation. Learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe no matter what the environment.

Women's Empowerment

No obstacle will stand in your way once you've gained the self-confidence and courage that come with survival training.

Leadership & Team Building

Take lessons from the wilderness and apply them to the boardroom. Learn how we can help you master the corporate world.



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  • Reggie, About two years ago my fiancee and I took the survival 101 course. The course was great we both learned a lot. I thought it was worth the cost of the course just to learn ...

  • [caption id="attachment_1709" align="alignnone" width="300"] Women emPOWERment[/caption] Mountain Shepherd Survival School is applying for a grant to provided a unique and personal interactive learning experience for high school junior/senior girls to ...

  • Thank you for visiting Mountain Shepherd Survival School’s website! We know you have options and we appreciate the time you are investing to learn about our school. As you research check credentials and background when ...

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