Survival Essentials

A course for adults to learn important life-saving wilderness skills, acquire confidence, eliminate wilderness fears, and to gain wilderness experience.

2-days, 1-night, Co-ed, 16+. Students will learn a solid foundation of wilderness survival skills and knowledge. Instruction will include our seven priorities of survival: positive mental attitude, wilderness first aid, shelter, fire craft, signaling, water, and food. Proper knots and lashings will be taught.  Students will become very proficient in fire craft, being able to start and maintain a knee-high fire in the pouring rain using a variety of tools, tinders and techniques. Wilderness safety, preparedness, and camping skills are included in the curriculum. Students overnight in tents, hammocks or improvised shelters. This course is a “modern” survival course.  We encourage proper equipment, preparedness, and practice so you always prevail should your adventure take an unexpected turn into a survival situation.




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