GEMS: Digging Deeper

GEMS – Girl’s Summer Camp is a prerequisite for this course.

Girls who feel prepared to dig deeper into the parallels between survival skills and their day-to-day lives are invited to take on new challenges and celebrate bigger accomplishments during GEMS Digging Deeper! This session is also a five-day overnight experience during which Girls Empowered will be challenged to step further outside their comfort zones by building on the skills and understandings they gained during GEMS Shining Bright. This experience begins with a review of the seven survival priorities, allowing girls to reflect upon their initial empowerment experiences. Then, girls spend the middle of the week on a 2-night backpacking expedition along the nearby Appalachian Trail, where they will strengthen their survival skills and begin exploring their own unique leadership and communication styles. The week concludes with caving and stand-up paddleboarding, both of which will allow girls to explore and prepare for situations that may be out of their element. GEMS Digging Deeper presents new challenges and opportunities for goal-setting to Girls Empowered, and girls will move forward with a deepened sense of courage, confidence, and compassion.

GEMS who complete the Digging Deeper expedition are encouraged to continue growing and discovering through GEMS Rock On during the same or following summer!