Urban Pursuit

If the nightly news is any indication, an individual is justified to be slightly anxious when traveling to cities within and without the United States borders. A simple wrong turn can place you in an environment that could prove dangerous. With a global economy strengthening, more and more individuals are finding themselves required to travel. This course will help you relieve your anxieties and help insure that your chances of finding a successful and rewarding travel experience increase dramatically. Learn to avoiding dangerous situations. Identify signs indicating danger may be close. Learn to escape to a safe harbor. Learn how to assist in your rescue should you find yourself in a hostage situation. This course will better prepare you as you enter a foreign wilderness defined by concrete and steel. Get started on your way to becoming a savvy traveler – enroll today!

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Self Defense

Mountain Shepherd has partnered with the top-notch team at Counter Response Tactical offering this course combining survival and evasion skills with self-defense and precision pistol training. This course taught by former U.S. Military believes that anyone can be and should be taught the skills to be able to defend and protect themselves and those they care about. Preparedness isn’t about just being diligent and informed; it means taking an active step towards what possibly COULD happen. Do you know what YOU would do should an intruder invade your home? What is the best possible outcome should you face hostile intent in the work place? Would you have the knowledge to make a seconds-fast decision on how to react?

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