Survival 101 – Women’s Course

Whether trying to survive in the wilderness or in the board room, confidence in one’s abilities is a necessary ingredient. Woman in business, in relationships, or on their own in a strange environment need strong confidence to thrive. This unique version of Survival 101 is geared toward women. Through becoming immersed in a realistic survival scenario, you will gain not only practical survival skills, but also learn how to develop the keys to success that are already inside you. Over the course of two days and one night, you will explore the seven priorities of survival; the even ingredients of building self confidence! The seven priorities include positive mental attitude, wilderness first aid, shelter, fire craft, signaling, water, and food. Through this simulation, you will also become familiar with wilderness safety, preparedness, and camping skills. While participants have the option to spend the night in a tent, they can also choose to stay in Mountain Shepherd’s lodge. Take the first step toward a new and more confident you – register today!

Sisterhood: Wild and Free

Are you tired of the same old “girl’s night out”? Do you want to find a truly rewarding experience with women seeking to advance in their professional and personal lives? This experience is a customizable weekend adventure for friends. Women register together for and then identify the group’s needs. We achieve the chosen level of rugged experience during our activities and lessons. Women choose their sleeping arrangements from a variety of options: the Lodge, the Cabin, personal tents, or improvised shelters.

Trail Mix – Women Adventure

Life on the trail can be a mixed bag of challenges and awe-inspiring experiences. You never know what you’re going to get! This Mountain Shepherd adventure on the Appalachian Trail will prepare you with your own mixed bag of basic backpacking and safety skills, so you can explore with confidence in the face of both excitement and obstacles!

“Trail Mix for Women”: This adventure is designed for and facilitated by only women for a refreshing, empowering experience! Trail Mix for Women is the perfect opportunity to try out backpacking with other strong, adventurous ladies.

OutFit – OurdoorFitness for Women

Get your workout on in the great outdoors! Join certified personal trainer Stephanie Kearney for a four-day fitness and nutrition bootcamp that is perfect for beginning a routine or brushing up on an old one. Stephanie’s passion is motivating others to live an active, healthy lifestyle, and with her expert instruction, you can learn to stay fit for your next adventure!

Camp Adventuress: Women In Nature Exploring

Are you ready to let out your inner Adventuress? Come to Camp Adventuress at Mountain Shepherd for all of the above and more! After 5 full days in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with fellow Adventuresses, you will head home feeling empowered, excited, and eager for more outdoor adventures.