Rioting in Uganda

A trip overseas can quickly and unexpectedly turn into a risky situation, thanks to today’s volatile political climate worldwide.

Just ask Sandi Bird.

Bird, a Salem, Va. resident who recently came back from a mission trip in Uganda, kept her cool despite running into rioting that could have turned deadly.

She credits Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School’s training for helping her stay calm and confident.

Bird wrote on Facebook:

On our last Wednesday there we’d heard that there was rioting along the main highway that we would normally take to the village of Itukulu. We had a seasoned driver and he took some back roads in hopes of avoiding the trouble.

When we hit the main road again the rioting had spread up farther than we’d realized. There were already large rocks blocking the road in places and piles of brush and tires were being lit … At one point the bus had to push through a pile of brush that was being stacked in the road and at another place a man had some broken pieces of lumber that he held up as if to swing it at our vehicle.

“I don’t think any of us were really scared, but I felt especially at peace, because I was mentally prepared thanks to you and the things I’d learned from your course. It was more than having a survival kit and a map to know what direction to go to get to safety (both of which I did have), but I had a confidence that I had learned skills that would help me and the rest of my team if things got out of hand.”

If you had been in Bird’s shoes, would you have felt prepared?

Do you know how to find water, shelter and medical care when disaster strikes suddenly in an unfamiliar place?

Mountain Shepherd can give you the skills to keep you, your family and your associates safe — no matter where you are.

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