Mountain Shepherd’s own Reggie Bennett is featured in a new episode of “The Future is Now” by Yahoo! News.

“So, what if the future really was now, and the zombies and vampires attacked, or the aliens invaded, or worse yet — the apes finally took over the planet?” asks the show’s host, Marc Istook.

Istook wonders how technology would help us survive our worst comic-book nightmares.

To find out, Istook visited Reggie at Mountain Shepherd’s Catawba, Va. school to learn some classic low-tech survival techniques and get the scoop on the latest high-tech gadgets.

In the video, Reggie talks about the basics like food, first aid kits and tarps for shelter.

He also shows some cutting-edge tools that come in handy in particularly tough situations, like a tinder that starts fire in the rain and a tracking device that helps emergency personnel find you via satellites and cell phone towers.

As always, Reggie stresses Mountain Shepherd’s seven priorities of survival, including the most important of all: keeping a positive mental attitude.

“Low tech or high tech, Reggie has found a way to make the idea of surviving fun,” Istook writes in a Yahoo! News article accompanying the video.

Check out the video here to find out more — and learn about the extra-cool gadget that will keep you entertained, even when outrunning the zombies.