Micro-Light II LED Light

Price: $11.95

Many things can go wrong in a wilderness adventure, and lack of light just compounds the issue.

Having a tent blow away from its stakes and roll down a hill with you, your partner and the dog in the middle of the night is just one example of a very confusing situation!

Sometimes, you need a light right now to make a bad situation better.

Fortunately, the Micro-Light II fills the bill perfectly.

About the size and weight of a quarter, it can be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt without the wearer even knowing it’s there.

However, its small size doesn’t mean it isn’t bright. The Micro Light II has more than enough lumens to get you out of an emergency situation or to help you in find your primary light.

The Micro Light II is also very hardy. It’s virtually indestructible and is designed to work in sub-zero temperatures, making it the perfect choice for anyone as a backup light.

Among of the big advantages of the Micro Light II: the locking mechanism — which allows the light to be turned on and left on – and a simple push-and-hold like its predecessor, the original Micro-Light.

Some people have pointed out the light’s 12-hour battery life as a downside. However, in our book this is not a factor. Twelve hours of continuous use as an emergency light is more than adequate considering the size and task you’re using it for. Besides, the batteries are replaceable.

Overall, this is an outstanding piece of equipment for any type of situation you could find yourself in requiring light.

It is definitely one of Reggie’s Recommendations.

Reggie’s Recommendations are reviews of survival and rescue products personally tested by Mountain Shepherd’s own Reggie Bennett.

Reggie is not paid or compensated in any way for reviewing these products.

That means you get a real, honest, unbiased opinion on a product that might save your life one day.