Maker: Streamlight.com

Price: $75

One of the worst-case scenarios for a stranded individual is for the situation to turn dark rapidly. Whether you’re a stranded motorist, a lost hiker or a downed pilot, night makes fulfilling life-sustaining tasks difficult.

This problem has been solved by the Streamlight Company and its Sidewinder flashlight.

The Sidewinder is a fully articulating, waterproof flashlight sporting multiple light colors and a belt clip. One of the Sidewinder’s best features is the articulating lens, which means you can use the light at any angle up to 185 degrees. Combined with the metal belt clip, it is a true hands-free device.

In addition, the multiple light colors (including infrared in the military version) give hunters and aviators something to work with without damaging their night vision. The Sidewinder also has strobe capabilities, which give the survivor a great emergency signal in a rescue situation.

However, one of the best features of the Sidewinder is its power source — AA batteries. Unlike other high-speed lights which use expensive (and sometimes hard to come by) lithium batteries, the people at Streamlight choose something convenient. Very smart!

Because of its practical features, ease of operation and overall usefulness, the Streamlight Sidewinder is one of Reggie’s Recommendations.

Reggie’s Recommendations are reviews of survival and rescue products personally tested by Mountain Shepherd’s own Reggie Bennett.

Reggie is not paid or compensated in any way for reviewing these products.

That means you get a real, honest, unbiased opinion on a product that might save your life one day.