Ultimate Survival Technologies / Revere

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Emergency survival situations can occur anyplace, anytime.

From a day hike into the forest to a riot in the city, there may be a time where you or your family must make it through the night under extreme conditions.

In situations like this there is nothing that builds positive mental attitude, gives comfort and makes the situation more tolerable than a warm fire.

However, creating a fire can sometimes be a challenge.

Lighters, matches and primitive skills can all fail you in numerous ways. You might not have an ignition source on you and thus have to fall back on sticks and stones which, by the way, require a lot of things to be just right and a lot of practice.

The Sparkie Fire Starter is a solution to all of these problems and just might mean the difference between life and death.

The Sparkie is a true survival/emergency tool. It’s lightweight, works when you need it and has a lanyard hole so you can attach a dummy cord!

Because of its design, the Sparkie is a true one-handed fire starting device, which comes in handy when you’re injured or trying to protect your tinder from the elements.

Unlike its big brother, the “Blastmatch,” the Sparkie flint doesn’t rotate with each strike, so it has a tendency to wear out faster. However, its other attributes far outweigh this negative. Just the sheer fact that it weighs almost nothing makes this one-handed device a thing of beauty.

Because of the Sparkie’s ease of use, reliability and ease of carry, it has obtained a place in Reggie’s Recommendations.

Reggie’s Recommendations are reviews of survival and rescue products personally tested by Mountain Shepherd’s own Reggie Bennett.

Reggie is not paid or compensated in any way for reviewing these products.

That means you get a real, honest, unbiased opinion on a product that might save your life one day.