The madness continues. Reports of horrfic acts of violent terrorism, on foreign soil and in our back yards, clog our airwaves and news feeds. This constant bombardment of fear based news achieves its goal, it sparks fear.

Some cancel or postpone trips. Others avoid large crowds. Yet, some turn a blind eye.  Don’t let fear keep you behind closed doors and don’t think an act of terrorism can’t happen to you.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer the answers to stop the evil acts. What we can offer you is knowledge so that you can protect yourself, your family and friends in the event your environment – urban or wilderness – becomes hostile.  Remember the more knowledge you have the less fear you’ll have.  The less fear you have the better decisions you can make and put your training skills to use. Situational awareness is key.  The result = Survival!

Former student R. Hughes sent us this…”When you hear some of the stories from Paris last night, you know why it is SO important to ‘know before you go’. People trapped at the stadium, 4 hours from their hotel, with no public transport. If the attacks had been even more widespread, the country side would have been a hell of a lot safer. Thanks for the training!”

Consider the Urban Pursuit for everyday and travel survival! Of course, all the skills learned in all our wilderness survival courses can be transfered to an urban environment.

Take a minute to watch clip from our local NBC affiliate WSLS 10.