We at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School are very excited to announce the debut of a Yahoo! News Weekend Edition segment featuring instructor Reggie Bennett teaching Weekend Edition host Jim Brasher the ins and outs of wilderness survival.

Jim joined us Oct. 28 – 31 for Hidden Pursuit, our three-night course that teaches evasion, shelter-building, firecraft and other key survival skills. For that chilly weekend, Jim and his crew of three filmed Reggie teaching the students how to build different kinds of shelters, how to camoflauge themselves and more.

Our goal was to put Jim, who’s an avid outdoorsman anyway, through the course with as little disruption to the other students as possible. We contacted all of the students beforehand to make sure they were OK with a camera crew being there. Not only were they OK with it, some were even interviewed for the segment!

This wasn’t the first time Mountain Shepherd’s been filmed, but the Yahoo! crew was really great to work with. Jim was really into the course and learning evasion techniques and was even “captured,” just for fun.

Watch the video to see Jim, Reggie and the class in action and be sure to check out more of Yahoo! News Weekend Edition.

>> Click here to watch the video <<